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Life at Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School Life at Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School

Programme for Teaching Religious Education

We have recently changed the programme through which we deliver Religious Education. Our primary resource is 'The Way, the Truth and the Life', which is based on the Religious Curriculum Directory produced by the Catholic Bishop's Conference of England and Wales in 2012.

Each class covers 2 topics a term, each for approximately 6 weeks. These link teaching and learning in RE to the 4 strands of study in the RE Curriculum Directory: Revelation, The Church, Celebration and Life in Christ. We supplement these materials with Come and See. particularly where they help address attainment at higher levels for upper Key Stage 2.

References to the RE Curriculum Directory are made in teacher's planning for each topic. Planning is thorough and teachers are encouraged to be creative and to use a range of resources to illuminate lessons and foster learning. Teachers are asked to adapt planning so that tasks and learning outcomes meet the needs of all pupils.

Children learn about two different faiths: Judaism and  Islam. This is aimed at fostering pupils' respect and understanding for our brothers and sisters of other faiths. A wide selection of resources have been purchased to support the children's learning and understanding of key aspects of other faiths. Pupils visit the New West End Synagogue as part of their learning about Judaism.

Parents are given information about the RE curriculum through:

* Parent / Teacher curriculum meetings at the beginning of each term
* Termly RE newsletters
* Wednesday Word leaflets given as a weekly gift to each family to support the Sunday Gospel
* Half-termly book-looks where parents can see what children have been learning
* Class assemblies, to which parents are invited each term, showcase the children's learning in Religious Education lessons

Here is an overview of the topics:

Year Autumn Topics Spring Topics Summer Topics
Early Years God's World
God's Family
Getting to know Jesus
Sorrow and Joy

New Life

Year 1 God's Great Plan
Mary Mother of God
Families and Celebrations Following Jesus



Year 2

Chosen People


The Good News

The Mass


Birth of the Church

Year 3

The Christian Family

Mary, our Mother

Called to Change


Celebrating Easter and Pentecost

Being a Christian

Year 4

The Bible

Trust in God

Jesus, the Teacher

Jesus, the Saviour

Mission of the Church

Belonging to the Church

Year 5

Gifts from God

The Commandments

Inspirational People


Life in the Risen Lord

People of Other Faiths

Year 6

The Kingdom of God


Jesus, the Bread of Life

Jesus, Son of God

The Work of the Apostles

Called to Serve

Latest RE Inspection Reports from the Diocese of Westminster attached below:

      PDF icon  RE Inspection Report - November 2011

           RE Inspection Report - December 2016

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