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Life at Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School Life at Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

At Our Lady of Victories we have a Nursery and Reception class, forming our Early Years Foundation Stage. The statutory documentation used for planning and assessment is ‘The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’ (EYFS). This document outlines the curriculum for the Foundation stage and the assessment and reporting arrangements for children at the end of their Reception year.  

The curriculum is split into 7 main areas of learning. These areas are also split into two subcategories; ‘Prime’ and ‘Specific’. The 7 areas each include an ‘Early Learning Goal’ which outlines the expected outcomes at the end of the EYFS. As well as these 7 areas of learning, there is an overarching area which describes the ways in which children learn called ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’. This is split into three areas; ‘Active Learning’, ‘Playing and Exploring’, and ‘Creating and Thinking Critically’.

See below for a diagram outlining all areas of the EYFS curriculum.



Our Early Years teachers ensure that planning follows the children’s interests through careful observation and assessment. Each area of the curriculum is planned for through broad topics and themes which change termly or half termly depending on children’s interests. The learning environment includes the Nursery & Reception classrooms, a shared ‘middle’ area, and an outdoor learning area. The school day includes a variety of whole class teaching, adult led tasks, and children’s own independent activities. Each classroom is set up so that the children feel at ease with choosing their own resources, and developing their own activities with peers which enables them to become motivated in their own learning.

For more information, please see the Parent’s Area at www.foundationyears.org.uk


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