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Year 1 Newsletters / Updates

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Class Newsletters are created each term.

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Sunny Sports Day! (15 images)

Year One had a great time taking part in Sports Day this week! The children hopped, skipped and jumped their way across many activities to collect points for their houses. Everyone gave their best effort and had a fantastic time!

Created: 20 Jun 17 09:04 | Last modified: 20 Jun 17 09:08

Dirty Hands, Green Fingers! (17 images)

We loved our trip to Hyde Park Education Centre this week! We learned all about the different parts of a plant, how it develops from a seed and how it is pollinated by visiting bees. We searched for natural beauty to make our own artworks before using wooden potters to make plant pots out of newspaper. We even planted our own seed to take home to nurture!

Created: 25 May 17 06:09 | Last modified: 6 Jun 17 09:29

Rainbow Fish Workshop (16 images)

We had a great time re-creating the sounds and smells of the ocean and acting out different parts of the Rainbow Fish story in our workshop this week! We used shells, bubbles and coloured material to help us imagine ourselves as coral reef and worked together to help our character Rainbow Fish to share through drama.

Created: 25 May 17 05:56 | Last modified: 25 May 17 06:05

Animals Who Help Us (15 images)

We were so excited to welcome Simon Coates and his Guide Dog Otto from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association into our classroom. Simon told us all about Otto's training and the special responsibility that Otto holds as a registered guide dog. Simon is fully blind and Otto is his 'eyes' every day, allowing Simon to lead a safe and happy life. We loved asking Simon all of our questions and listening to his answers. We even got to stroke Otto at the end!

Created: 5 Apr 17 12:43 | Last modified: 5 Apr 17 13:08

Healthy Eating (42 images)

We have loved learning about Healthy Eating in DT this term. We have made our very own Plates of Good Health as well as completed market research on Waitrose fruit salads. We used our results to design our own exciting fruit salads, walked to Waitrose to purchase our ingredients and learned to chop the fruits safely in the classroom! Take a look at our finished products...

Created: 28 Mar 17 17:43 | Last modified: 29 Mar 17 05:58

Shakespeare Surprise! (19 images)

We finished Shakespeare Week with a super celebration in the top hall. Year One and Reception classes practised one section of A Midsummer Night's Dream and at the end of the day joined the rest of the school to re-enact the play from beginning to end!

Created: 24 Mar 17 16:30 | Last modified: 24 Mar 17 16:55

World Book Day (16 images)

We had a marvellous time on World Book Day - we dressed up as our favourite story characters, paraded around the hall, listened to author Pat Ryan telling us 3 gripping stories and even managed cuddles with our class chicks during story time at the end of the day!

Created: 7 Mar 17 17:21 | Last modified: 7 Mar 17 17:40

Living Eggs (62 images)

We have loved having our living eggs in the classroom this year! We watched 9 chicks hatched and over the past 2 weeks we have been learning how chicks grow and change, as well as how to care for them safely. We have even made our own non-fiction books full of chick-tastic facts!

Created: 1 Mar 17 17:12 | Last modified: 1 Mar 17 17:20

A musical Chinese New Year! (3 images)

We celebrated Chinese New Year today in front of the whole school with a special musical performance! We used different instruments to re-create the effect of the Chinese dragon, the dancing in the streets and the beating of the drums!

Created: 11 Feb 17 16:53 | Last modified: 26 Feb 17 08:50

Year 1 keep fit with Nathan Fox! (10 images)

We were lucky to welcome GB Triple Jumper Nathan Fox into school to teach us how to keep fit, be ambitious and reach for our goals!

Created: 11 Feb 17 15:57 | Last modified: 26 Feb 17 08:46

Traditional Tales - Our Journey (43 images)

We have been exploring traditional and fairy tales this term and we would love to share our learning with you! We have acted out stories such as that of Cinderella, we have written in role as Snow White's secret protector and more recently, we have learned to retell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff aloud, using our own story maps to help!

Created: 25 Jan 17 17:01 | Last modified: 25 Jan 17 17:36

Special People (2 images)

Today we led worship for all our families, friends and teachers! We talked about the special people in our own lives, about Jesus as the most special person in our Parish family and about all the ways in which we can follow Jesus' example each and every day. We spoke clearly and felt a real sense of achievement afterwards!

Created: 25 Jan 17 16:58 | Last modified: 25 Jan 17 16:58

Teddy Bear Hospital (17 images)

We welcomed Imperial College Students into our school to teach us about the importance of doctors and nurses in our world and to help us clear any worries we may have about hospital environments. We all brought our poorly teddies in and we had a super time!

Created: 20 Jan 17 16:38 | Last modified: 20 Jan 17 17:25

Winter Watch at Holland Park (20 images)

We had a fantastic, chilly time exploring seasonal changes in Holland Park! We learned how our four seasons occur and went on an expedition to find signs of Winter, like frost, leaf skeletons and holly! We even made homes for animals to live in using natural materials. Our toes were very cold but we had a great time!

Created: 20 Jan 17 16:25 | Last modified: 20 Jan 17 16:37

Santa Surprise! (15 images)

On Monday, Santa left a surprise in our Reading Garden - a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with coloured lights and craft resources for us to use! He gave us his special address, so of course we wrote him letters as soon as we could! Today we set off to the post box to send them to Reindeerland...ho ho hooray!

Created: 8 Dec 16 21:47 | Last modified: 8 Dec 16 22:09

Teatime and Toys at Kensington Palace (18 images)

This week we visited Kensington Palace to find out about the toys that Queen Victoria played with as a child - we even held some of them. Here are some snapshots of our day out!

Created: 18 Nov 16 16:06 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 16:18

Toys in the Past (14 images)

In Topic we have been learning all about toys in the past! We discussed different ways of finding out about the past - for example, looking at paintings, visiting museums, and reading history books. This week we asked people who were alive before us about their memories of toys. We were lucky to have 2 of our parents visit us and share their favourite toys from their childhood...

Created: 18 Nov 16 16:11 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 16:13

Local Area Finale! (27 images)

And here it is...our very own Kensington in miniature! Can you spot any houses you recognise?

Created: 21 Oct 16 16:11 | Last modified: 21 Oct 16 16:23

Kensington Constructions! (16 images)

In Topic we are learning all about our local area. We have talked about the different homes that we live in as well as learned to read maps and use them to plan routes. We went on a walk around our local area and have now begun to recreate our route using junk modelling! Stay tuned to see our local area in miniature.

Created: 11 Oct 16 19:23 | Last modified: 11 Oct 16 19:26

Sensational Senses! (35 images)

In Science we have been learning all about the internal and external parts of the human body. We took part in a range of activities to explore our five senses! We used our noses to smell mystery foods such as mint, chocolate and garlic, our sense of taste to guess different flavoured crisps and our sense of touch to feel materials such as feathers, horse hair and straw! We used our sense of sight and memory skills to play 'Kim's Game' and our ears to listen and re-create different tunes. Take a look at our senses in action!

Created: 11 Oct 16 19:08 | Last modified: 11 Oct 16 19:15

Reading Buddies (13 images)

In Year 1 we love to read! We welcome our Year 6 Reading Buddies into our classroom every week. They read us exciting tales from our Reading Garden and also listen to us read our own story books! Take a look at our buddy time in action...

Created: 27 Sep 16 17:29 | Last modified: 27 Sep 16 17:31

The Bog Baby (20 images)

In Year 1 we have been reading the story of the Bog Baby! Inspired by its beautiful illustrations, we decided to act out our favourite scenes from the story. We also learned to describe the Bog Baby using adjectives and interviewed the real character himself! Take a peek at our learning...

Created: 27 Sep 16 17:23 | Last modified: 27 Sep 16 17:27






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