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Year 6 Newsletters / Updates

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Class Newsletters are created each term. Below are the Newsletters for this academic year from Mrs Vosper


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Bridget Wilkinson (4 images)

Year 6 have been studying the work of Bridget Wilkinson an artist based in the seaside town of Whitby. Wilkinson is very interested in painting the point where land meets water; she also likes to paint clear water so she can explore the world beneath the sea. Her work is vibrant and eye catching and known for its use of pattern. The children thoroughly enjoyed using her work as inspiration and have created some beautiful paintings of their own.

Created: 28 Jan 15 16:59 | Last modified: 28 Jan 15 17:02

Imperial War Museum (2 images)

Having studied the First and Second World War, Year 6 finished their topic by visiting the Imperial War Museum. It was wonderful to see so many of the things we had learnt about in class: the Spitfire, Big Bertha, the V1 and V2 and to be able to decode a message using the museum's very own Enigma machine. We also had the opportunity to interview Moya and Alan, both children during the Second World War, who had had very different experiences. Alan told us about staying in London and living through the Blitz whereas Moya explained to us what life was like for an evacuee.

Created: 22 Jan 15 14:45 | Last modified: 22 Jan 15 15:07

Extension Maths Year 6 (10 images)

Over the past couple of weeks the children in Mrs Lindley's extension maths group have been sharing their work with the rest of the class and leading maths lessons about a mathematician of their choice. The presentations and activities created by the children have been very engaging and informative and Year 6 have really enjoyed being taught by their peers. They have learnt all about Pythagoras' theorem, Eratosthenes' sieve, Mayan numbers and Archimedes. It was wonderful to see everyone enthusiastically tackling the challenging tasks set by their classmates.

Created: 15 Jan 15 15:35 | Last modified: 15 Jan 15 15:43

Natural Selection (6 images)

This week in Science the children were finding out about Darwin's study of finches in the Galapagos Islands and his theory of natural selection. The children worked in groups and each table was given a plate of different food items: rice, dried beans, chewy sweets and marshmallows. One child in each group had a different implement with which to collect as much food as they could in 30 seconds; some pupils had a spoon, some a toothpick, some had a peg and others a spatula. Each of these represented the different beak types of Darwin's finches. It was very interesting to see how much food the bird with the 'spoon beak' could consume in comparison to the others whereas some beak types were only able to eat a particular food. The experiment helped Year 6 to understand why the species best suited to its environment would thrive and reproduce, passing on their advantageous features to their offspring. It also helped to explain why the birds on each Island had different beaks, claws and sizes according to the food available to them.

Created: 21 Nov 14 11:45 | Last modified: 11 Dec 14 11:47

DT (8 images)

This week Year have 6 been designing and creating hand stitched Christmas decorations. Firstly, they plotted out and colour coded their design on squared paper and then transferred their design onto fabric using a variety of stitches.

Created: 9 Dec 14 16:06 | Last modified: 9 Dec 14 16:09

Childhood Memories from World War 2 (4 images)

Year 6 were delighted to welcome Robin Orlington to their class today. Robin was just 10 years old when war was declared in 1939 and he visited us today to share his first hand experiences of this remarkable time in Britain's history. Robin, who grew up in St Albans, talked to the children about air raids, his sweet ration, butterfly and incendiary bombs and the time he witnessed the front of his teacher's house being blown apart! He was thoroughly engaging and fascinated us all with his lively anecdotes and the artefacts he brought to show us.

Created: 4 Dec 14 15:29 | Last modified: 8 Dec 14 21:48

Ten Ten Theatre (2 images)

On Monday 10th November, the children in Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a performance called 'Healthy Heart' by Ten Ten Theatre. This humorous and thought provoking play explored the themes of bullying and acceptance and Year 6 have used it as a starting point for discussions in RE.

Created: 14 Nov 14 17:41 | Last modified: 14 Nov 14 17:57

DT Workshop (13 images)

This week Years 5 and 6 were visited by Jasleen and Holly from the Victoria and Albert Museum. They lead a Design and Technology workshop based around creating baking implements from ‘found’ materials. Firstly, the children were able to observe and handle some very interesting cooking implements from the Victorian era. They then worked in groups and designed and created their own multi-functional baking utensils with a range of materials provided by the museum. The children created very imaginative and resourceful inventions and they thoroughly enjoyed the session; I think there are some budding designers in our midst!

Created: 16 Oct 14 15:26 | Last modified: 16 Oct 14 15:35

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